CAHI Email Address for Electronic Submissions

CAHI and CGI strongly encourage owners and agents to submit all documentation via email. You may email any documentation as it relates to processing your current rent adjustment, HAP contract renewal, special claims, management and occupancy review (MOR), or monthly HAP voucher. You may submit a completed 1199 via email, this should include a voided check. 

If you choose to email your documentation, please send directly to You may still email documents directly to your assigned contract specialist, but you must cc:

Please format your subject line as follows: Property Name, Contract Number, REMS number/Property ID, Type of Process
Example: Happy Gardens, CA39000000, 80000000, Rent Adjustment

Failure to do so may mean that your submission is not logged and it may not be processed. Please ensure all PII is properly redacted before transmission.

Do not send tenant complaints, general inquiries or general questions to this address.
Those may be instead sent to

If you would rather not email documents, you may still send these documents via US mail, FedEx, UPS, fax or courier and they will be processed accordingly.