CAHI O/A Training


Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) Process

October 21, 2022  10am PST

California Affordable Housing Initiatives (CAHI) and CGI are pleased to extend an invitation to owners and representatives with contracts in the Performance Based Contract Administration (PBCA) portfolio to attend a web-based workshop dedicated to the management and occupancy review (MOR) process. 

This training will be beneficial to both newer owners and agents as well as the more seasoned professionals looking for a refresher on the MOR process. This session will cover the overall process including scheduling, the on-site review, the close out meeting, issuing of the MOR report, and mitigating any MOR deficiencies. This session will leave you with a better expectation of how your next MOR will go and will give you the tools needed to prepare for that review. CAHI and CGI will also cover common findings found during the review process which include: lead based paint, VAWA Emergency Transfer Plans, and the Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan. 

This workshop is only open to members of the CAHI PBCA portfolio. When registering you must indicate a valid property name which will then be confirmed by CGI prior to sending out finalized registration information.  It is highly recommended that you register early to not miss this great learning opportunity.

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